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Water Heater/Tankless Repair & Installation


     Cornell and Sons Plumbing is your go-to water heater repair company. Our trained and experienced water heater specialists know quality water heater services inside and out. Whether you are looking for a fast water heater repair service or the time has come for a new water heater replacement, we can help. Our experts offer comprehensive advice and recommendations that will truly benefit your life and add value to your home.




All Drains & Sewer Lines


     A clog isn’t something that will just “work itself out”. The professionals at Cornell and Sons Plumbing have all the expertise and knowledge needed to perform all of your drain cleaning services needs. Whether you notice a draining problem or you just want a routine drain cleaning, our licensed & certified experts will get the job done. Our technicians are on-call 24/7 to protect your home from unexpected sewer line problems that require immediate repair.


​Repair/Replace/Install All Plumbing Fixtures & Piping


     Our Licensed & Certified Experts at Cornell and Sons Plumbing can fix or replace all the plumbing fixtures inside your house. We can supply the fixtures or install the fixtures you purchase. We will recommend which should be repaired and which should be replaced, to save you any hassle in the future. Customers may benefit more from repiping services over continuous repairs and patching.



Backflow Prevention, Testing & Certification


     Backflow is an emergency issue that many homeowners must take precautions against. Although backflow instances are not always common, the results are often dangerous and extremely inconvenient, which is why homeowners rely on backflow prevention devices to protect their homes and family from dangerous backflow problems.

Water Softener Repair & Installation


     Hard water is by far the most common water quality problem facing residents in Ontario and beyond. In fact it’s so common, that many residents in our great province think that is just the standard. But you shouldn’t have to suffer from showers that don’t feel refreshing, and drinking water that tastes and smells foul! Rather, you should receive the very best quality of water possible in your home, which is something that Cornell and Sons Plumbers can ensure that you have.




​Leak Detection & Repair


     Plumbing leaks can happen when you least expect them, leading to a great deal of stress for you and your family. Finding the source of a leak can be challenging since they tend to occur in places that are hidden behind layers of drywall or concrete. If you see the warning signs of a leak in your home, it’s important to reach out to a professional plumber at Cornell and Sons Plumbing.




Repair/Replace/Install Sump Pumps


     Are you worried about basement or cellar flooding in your home? If you live in a low-lying area with a lot of groundwater, we strongly recommend investing in a sump pump. For many homeowners, sump pumps are the best way to prevent flooding and water damage from excess water in the ground. At Cornell and Sons Plumbing, we are sump pump contractors who can recommend the perfect pump for your home.

Gas Line Repair & Installation


     No plumbing emergency is quite as serious as a gas line leak. Since gas is flammable and also toxic to humans, fast detection and repair are imperative to protect your family and property from the dangers associated with a gas line leak. Customers can count on us for fast and efficient gas line leak repair and safe gas line installation service.

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